Midnight Musings

Right now I have a handful of incohesive thoughts running through my head that I wanted to jot down.

1. Write the book you want to read. Sage advice from Austin Kleon. I was just thinking about this because while I have access to so much information, the content on the Internet bores me real fast. And that is when I want to make my own stuff to put on the Internet.
write the book2. To combat feelings of being unproductive, I like to make lists of things that I did do. Here’s a list of productive things I did today:

  • Went to the gym at 6 AM (And saw Elder Christofferson there!!)
  • Practiced softball for a couple hours.
  • Canceled a freelance job that I couldn’t handle (Burden lifted)
  • Toured the residence of Rose Marie Reid, the woman I have been studying all summer for work. (Fun fact: The Osmond family later bought the house and lived there after she passed away)
  • Tried out my new tripod and took some sick self-portraits (and edited them and posted one on Instagram). (I don’t know who I picked it up from, but lately I like to use the adjective sick to describe things that are awesome.) I kinda rotate through all my hobbies because I get bored and have to switch it up. It is things like getting a tripod and experimenting with new forms of my hobbies that get me interested in them again.
  • Went grocery shopping.
  • Made brownies and packed for the family reunion while they were baking.
  • Wrote in my journal, took a shower, responded to a long overdue Facebook message, had quality conversation with my roommates, wrote this blog post, worked on planning a storyboard for a film I want to make.
  • And I even made time for a nap. Naps are my favorite. I can always make time for a good nap.

2. b. I feel like this list I just made is super pretentious. But, like, this is who I am. It’s amazing how many things you can actually fit into one day if you try. It takes longer to motivate myself to do some of these things than it actually takes to do them.

3. As a bonus for reading through my pretentious list, here is one of my pretentious self-portraits:

Self Portrait 2I was not expecting to enjoy taking a picture of myself. I just wanted to test out my new tripod and document the fact that I hit myself in the face while playing softball this morning. But, I’m weird and find a busted lip, acne scars, uneven skin tone, and frizzy hair enthralling.

And now my midnight musings come to an end.


DIY: Men’s to Women’s Shirt

I went shopping today, and all the styles and colors and patterns that I was looking for kept showing up in the men’s section of stores. So I went for it and bought a men’s shirt. This project was great motivation to get me excited about sewing again. After shortening the hem, taking in the back with some darts, and tacking down rolled up sleeves, I turned this baggy men’s shirt into a nice, fitted women’s shirt.


Mad-Eye Moody

There’s something about having a lot to write about that makes me not want to write.

But I figured I should update my blog while I was sitting here procrastinating on the Internet.

I got a new job. I am a graphic designer for the exhibit department in the Harold B. Lee Library. It’s awesome. Right now I am helping to install an exhibit in the JFSB. Y’all should go see it sometime. We make the humanities look good. Then we will start designing for the next exhibit that will be on the first floor of the library. (I’m glad I didn’t settle for just putting up posters in the HFAC.)

When I am not working, I am working. I work out at the gym with Stevo every morning. And I have about 4 other side projects that I am currently working on. It’s curious how the number of projects seems to multiply. My “free time” is stuffed to the rafters. (“Free time” is another curious concept. Isn’t all your time free time?)

Welp, that is how I am keeping busy this summer. Just keepin it cool in America.

Let me leave you with a photo I took from a neglected pile of pictures. This was from when Stevo and I roadtripped across America. I think this was taken in Wyoming. I call it Mad-Eye Moody because that is literally the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this picture. I think it is interesting that the bottom of the sunset is nearly the same color as the top.

sunsetAnd now to bed I go.

100 Things That Made My Year

I have been trying to write this post for a while now, and I finally have time to finish it. So, in no particular order, here is a list of 100 things that made 2014 a great year for me.

  1. I founded Cliché Creativity and launched my Etsy shop.
  2. I discovered my love for fashion and fashion design.
  3. I sewed. A lot.
  4. I literally stuck a sewing needle through my finger and survived.
  5. I got accepted to be a designer for Provo Fashion Week.
  6. I donated two elephant sweatshirts to a service auction for charity. (My dream is to one day start a charity organization where I donate elephant sweatshirts to impoverished Eskimos.)
  7. I finally nailed a perfect semester. My first 4.0 since being in college.
  8. I got a 100% on a physics test.
  9. I got a 100% in TEE 276.
  10. I got to sing multiple solos and sing in awesome choirs.
  11. I got home just in time to be able to attend the Ft. Lauderdale Temple Dedication.
  12. I went to my first event in the Conference Center in SLC. I saw the MoTab Christmas Concert featuring the Sesame Street muppets with my good friend and roommate Natalie.
  13. I cooked every day for a week.
  14. Taco Tuesdays.
  15. I got to borrow a DSLR camera for a semester.
  16. I went on some awesome photography adventures. Uinta National Forest. Stewart Falls. Provo Canyon. Miami Art Deco district.
  17. Photoshoots with Lacey Carlson and Sheryce Steele and Angela Manci.
  18. Steven came home from his mission in Angola.
  19. Lexi came home from her mission in Ukraine.
  20. I met Cicily Benion.
  21. City Creek with Vladi.
  22. Odd sweatshirt collections.
  23. Custom mugs.
  24. I survived working at McDonald’s and Chick-fil-a.
  25. I spent the summer at home in Florida.
  26. Florida beaches.
  27. I designed and wrote my own textbook.
  28. I filmed and edited a music video for FHE.
  29. I learned to love doing dishes.
  30. I chose not to work for a semester. I actually had free time to enjoy.
  31. I improved my handlettering skills during said free time.
  32. I got six inches cut off my hair without telling anyone about it in advance.
  33. Steven and I got a car and drove it from Florida to Utah in the winter time.
  34. I built a trebuchet.
  35. I learned how to weld.
  36. I built a piece of furniture from scratch.
  37. I built a geodome out of newspaper.
  38. I built a bridge out of balsa wood and destroyed it the next day.
  39. I learned basic electronics and built my own circuit from scratch.
  40. I learned how they milk cows.
  41. I built a CO2 car.
  42. I built myself a prosthetic leg out of a rollerblade.
  43. Being in TEE at BYU.
  44. I ran ten miles on a treadmill.
  45. I discovered Austin Kleon. He is actually the inspiration for this post.
  46. How to Steal Like an Artist.
  47. Show Your Work.
  48. I fell in love with Blackout Poetry.
  49. I made a Twitter account.
  50. I made a Tumblr account.
  51. Facebook stalking.
  52. Instagram.
  53. The “Design” category on Pinterest.
  54. I still do not own an iPhone.
  55. Or a Mac book.
  56. I designed a logo for my own company.
  57. Jeff got married.
  58. I met my sister-in-law before she started dating my brother.
  59. I went to Dallas for the wedding.
  60. Roadtripping with three babies in a twelve-seater van.
  61. I helped sew the bridesmaid skirts and grandchildren outfits.
  62. I did not have a boyfriend.
  63. I filled a journal.
  64. Just Dance parties.
  65. Olympic opening ceremonies party.
  66. I met THE Rachael Andrade. (“Ratchet” & “Bougie”)
  67. I survived living with Cecilee Petersen.
  68. Ashley Bowcutt. She lets me sit on her bed sometimes.
  69. Zaida Hill.
  70. Felicity, Alli, Melanie, Laura.
  71. Girl’s choice date night.
  72. Late night conversations.
  73. Taylor Swift’s 1989.
  74. Hunter Hayes’ I Want Crazy.
  75. Eating out with my family lots.
  76. Curling wands.
  77. Attempting to learn a 9-page Paul Cardall medley on piano.
  78. Making my bed every day.
  79. Foam core.
  80. Double-stick tape.
  81. Q-tips.
  82. Cook’s Illustrated chocolate chip cookies.
  83. #devowithstevo (and Jeff)
  84. Eating lunch with Steven every other day.
  85. Ice cream.
  86. Homemade Chipotle.
  87. Hiking the Florida Trail/Lake Okeechobee.
  88. Typewritten nice notes.
  89. Natalie’s typewriter in general.
  90. Morning ab workouts.
  91. I turned 20.
  92. White Sperry’s.
  93. Panda sweatshirt.
  94. I perfected the elephant sweatshirt.
  95. My hair bow collection.
  96. Wit & Sarcasm.
  97. Farmer’s markets.
  98. Monthly family dinners.
  99. Family game nights.
  100. Dreams.