Spiral Jetty Part 1

Memorial Day adventures at the Spiral Jetty (a man-made art installation in the Great Salt Lake). It was awesome! Definitely worth the drive if you’re into art and the wilderness.


Mad-Eye Moody

There’s something about having a lot to write about that makes me not want to write.

But I figured I should update my blog while I was sitting here procrastinating on the Internet.

I got a new job. I am a graphic designer for the exhibit department in the Harold B. Lee Library. It’s awesome. Right now I am helping to install an exhibit in the JFSB. Y’all should go see it sometime. We make the humanities look good. Then we will start designing for the next exhibit that will be on the first floor of the library. (I’m glad I didn’t settle for just putting up posters in the HFAC.)

When I am not working, I am working. I work out at the gym with Stevo every morning. And I have about 4 other side projects that I am currently working on. It’s curious how the number of projects seems to multiply. My “free time” is stuffed to the rafters. (“Free time” is another curious concept. Isn’t all your time free time?)

Welp, that is how I am keeping busy this summer. Just keepin it cool in America.

Let me leave you with a photo I took from a neglected pile of pictures. This was from when Stevo and I roadtripped across America. I think this was taken in Wyoming. I call it Mad-Eye Moody because that is literally the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this picture. I think it is interesting that the bottom of the sunset is nearly the same color as the top.

sunsetAnd now to bed I go.

Hobo House

Natalie and I found an old, abandoned house near our apartment complex in Provo. So of course, we decided to check it out. We suspect that some homeless people live there now, which is why I affectionately refer to it as the Hobo House.


Why would you actually study for finals when you can pretend like you do?

Also, I would like to send a special shout out to the “Honor Students” at BYU for having a reading room that I could use for a photo shoot. (I put Honor Students in quotes because I have never actually seen said Honor Students in their specially labeled reading room or lounge…)

Childhood Memories: Rach & Chels

Childhood memories with the Andrade sisters. Bubbles. Telephone. Bubble Gum. Twirling. Hide and Seek. Secrets. Funny Faces.

1 Subject. 6 Locations.

So excited to finally be posting these. This is Natalie and her typewriter in 6 different locations around Provo. Definitely my favorite project of the semester.


The first four of these pictures were taken this semester, but while I am writing a post on sunflares, I thought I would include the pictures I took last semester for my Rec Management photography class.


Rituals. The things that make my days (weeks and years) uniquely alike.

Disclaimer: I purposely did not retouch these photos as much as I could have in order to preserve the authenticity of the moment.

Provo Fashion Week Recap

I did it! Provo Fashion Week has been conquered.

It was quite the experience. I have grand plans in my head of writing a series of very detailed posts about the whole ordeal, from start to finish, but we will see if I ever have time to make that come to fruition. For now, a brief recap and some pictures will suffice.

For those of you who don’t know, I designed and sewed six full outfits (accessories included) for a local fashion show. That’s the summarized version. haha.

Before the models came out on the runway, the audience heard the intro to Circle of Life, which automatically triggered a feeling of anticipation. As the music transitioned into Shakira’s Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), these two heartthrobs walked out.

View More: http://breannawhite.pass.us/pfw_spring2015

Notice the reactions of the people in the audience. I was the only designer who had children models, and they definitely stole the show.

View More: http://breannawhite.pass.us/pfw_spring2015

They didn’t want to hold hands at first, but they secretly loved it.

View More: http://breannawhite.pass.us/pfw_spring2015

View More: http://breannawhite.pass.us/pfw_spring2015

This super star wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.

View More: http://breannawhite.pass.us/pfw_spring2015

Funny story. Those shorts were made for me, a 20-year-old girl. He is a 10-year-old boy. Also, he rolled his eyes the whole time on the runway. haha.

View More: http://breannawhite.pass.us/pfw_spring2015

My favorite ensemble in my collection.

View More: http://breannawhite.pass.us/pfw_spring2015

View More: http://breannawhite.pass.us/pfw_spring2015

This one doesn’t have anything to do with Africa, but I really wanted to make a tulle skirt.

And that is my collection!