Sometimes I am awfully aware of my quirks. This week was one of those times.

For the record:

-I add salt to my Ramen.

-I throw away the last 1/4 cup of cereal in the bag because I don’t want to pour cereal dust into my bowl.

-I blow on cold food like you blow on hot food.

-Sometimes I avoid reading emails so I am not responsible for knowing or acting upon the material contained in those emails. Like, I have to psyche myself up to open emails, regardless of who they are from.

-Windshield wipers make me feel anxious.

-I don’t like using cruise control.

-I have a least favorite billboard on I-15

It’s this one. The house looks like it is on fire. Not a good idea.hearth and home.jpg

That is all. Mostly food and driving related.