Sunshine & Summertime

In the last 10 days I…

…won the Intramural Softball Championship for my division.softball3

…finished the exhibit I have been working on. (Here’s a sneak peek of my favorite wall)wall

…played with puppies at the Puppy Barn in American Fork.puppy1puppy2

…ate the epitome of decadence at Waffle Love…waffle

…with my homegirl Natalie.


…manned my own booth at the Provo Farmer’s Market.farmersmarket

…documented Nathan eating corn.corn

…and did another typewriter photo shoot, featuring a barn and a desk.barn  desk


Left Unturned

So I was making some hair bows the other day, and as I was turning them right side out to hide the stitching, I stopped and decided that this is kinda cool:


My 50-year-old parents think its weird, so that must mean it is fashionable.  Or maybe just edgy and hipster.

They don’t do edgy.  Or hipster.

But you do.

The most unique bow you could ever get in your entire life.*

And if you don’t, then get a classic one:


This bow is “Mint To Be” yours

*Free shipping on ALL hair bows!

Pun Intended

A friend of mine decided that there isn’t much out there in terms of cute donkey apparel.

I determined to remedy that situation…

…with a new sweatshirt design.


Take a second to soak it all in. Stellar sweatshirt. Beautiful bow. Mollifying model. Breathtaking backyard.
Okay, move on.



Yarn mane and everything

I decided that there isn’t much out there in terms of donkey idioms.*

So I guess a pun is good enough:

I call him Don Quixote.

Now you won’t be able to think of Don Quixote without thinking Donkey-xote.

You’re welcome. (:


More details on the sweatshirt here:


*In case you haven’t noticed, all my products are named after idioms.  I’m a sucker for literary devices.

Life and Love and the Meaning Of

Cliché = Taking a picture like this when you go to the beach.*


Legs? Or hot dogs?

Creativity = Taking a picture like this when you go to the beach.


I think I was the only one on the whole beach wearing a sweatshirt.  #hipster


Oh yeah, I also added a new listing!

Now your kiddos can be cool too.


*See more hot dog legs here:

The Facebook

As much as I don’t like Facebook, it is a lot more interesting when you actually have a reason to use it.

So check out my Facebook page!  I put on some photos of hair bows and earrings that could be available in only 12 more days!  (The time is flying!)

Yellow Gingham Hair Bow

Yellow Gingham Hair Bow

See more at:

The Waya

While you are waiting for the elephant sweatshirts to hit Etsy, have a look at another one of my projects.

This is the Waya:


It is a little device that you use to keep your headphones from getting tangled.  I helped develop it and manufacture it as part of one of my classes.  And they are now on sale for 5 buckaroos!

Check them out!  They are officially on Etsy!