Reflection #11

I don’t really know what to reflect on this week. I have been preparing a lesson to teach to 6th graders next week. Trent and I are going to teach them the principles of velocity and acceleration by making cars out of food, rolling them down a track, and timing them. I’m pretty excited for it. I think the kids will really enjoy it. The real reflection for this activity will come next week after we teach it.

This has nothing to do with teaching, but I have been thinking about it lately, so it has to do with reflecting.

After weeks of deliberation, I decided to apply to be a designer for Spring 2015 Provo Fashion Week. Who knows if I will get in or not. The point is that I faced my fear of the unknown and applied anyway. Rejection is kinda the story of my life, so if I don’t get in, then that’s okay. But it would be awesome if I did get in. I think it would be very valuable experience for me.

And actually, this does relate to teaching. Part of the reason I didn’t want to apply for the fashion show is because I knew it would be a lot of work. Teaching also requires a lot of work. And half the fun in life is committing yourself to doing hard things and then overcoming them.

So pretty much I’m saying that designing for a fashion show will help me become a better teacher of technology. Yep.


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