Reflection #10

I taught my 40 minute lesson on Tuesday. It went exactly how I thought it would go. It was not perfect, and I didn’t remember to do everything that I wanted to do, but I knew that I would forget some stuff and that it wouldn’t be perfect, so in that sense, it went how I expected it to.

I really appreciated this assignment because it gave me a good glimpse into what it would be like for me personally to be a teacher.

Some things I observed about myself:

  • I take assignments seriously.
  • I am willing to put in as much time, effort, and money as it takes to do a good job & make my vision become a reality.
  • I care about design.
  • The pacing and timing of my lesson played out almost exactly how I had planned. (Does that mean I am good at judging that kind of thing, or did I get lucky?)
  • I was willing to ask people for feedback and ideas before I gave the lesson. (Normally I do not like to ask for people’s opinions.)
  • If I don’t have the questions I want to ask in notes in front of me/in the PowerPoint, then I will forget to ask them.

Some things I learned in general:

  • It is hard to find good video clips that are appropriate and apply well to your lesson and learning objectives.
  • It is hard to make a good worksheet.
  • It is hard to fit everything that you want to do into one lesson.

What I am going to do about it:

  • Get more practice teaching so that I can plan and prepare for lessons faster.
  • Practice coming up with good questions.
  • Always be on the lookout for good movie clips.
  • Get more comfortable around people.

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