Fall Foods

Last week I was perpetually starving, so this week I decided to actually make a menu and cook stuff. It has been great. Everything has all turned out really good.

Here is what I have been cooking (If the links don’t work, you can Google the recipes):

Monday: Warm Black Bean Dip


Tuesday: Zucchini Fries


Wednesday: Butternut Squash & Bacon Mac n Cheese


This was SO good. Especially when it’s right out of the oven. (I used Dubliner cheese instead of Gruyere cheese and bacon bits instead of cooked bacon.)

Thursday: Bloomin’ Baked Apple


This is a very rich, yummy, unique dessert. (I used a Gala apple and only baked it for like 18 minutes, and it didn’t really “bloom,” but it was still good.)

Friday: Chicken Cacciatore Subs

chicken subs

I ate mine open-faced.

Saturday: I ate leftovers.

Sunday: Butternut Squash Soup, Sweet Potato Fries, and Butternut Squash Rolls

squash soup


butternut squash rolls


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