Reflection #9

This week I have had the opportunity to be a student as my fellow classmates teach me about their respective STLs (Standards for Technological Literacy) that they have been assigned. (I will teach next Tuesday, so for now I am just observing and participating as a student.)

I feel like I have learned A LOT and I hope to be able to apply those things that I have learned into my own teaching. But I know from experience that it is much easier said than done.


Here are some of the biggest things I have learned:


-Activities are key, but only if they contribute to the learning outcome.

-It is really important to assess to make sure your students have achieved the learning outcomes.

-Paying attention to little details can really enhance your lesson.


The real test to see if I have captured what I have observed is to teach. In the mean time, I am trying to put everything I have learned into my lesson plan. I feel good about my lesson plan so far, but I need to fine tune it and figure out some of the details.


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