Reflection #8

I taught at the Springville Library these last two Saturdays. It was an interesting experience. I had never really taught to the older demographic before. It was cool because sometimes it can be intimidating to teach older people because you know they have more life experience than you, but in this situation it was nice because I knew that I knew more about the subject than they did.

However, I also learned that it is kind of hard to explain internet related topics. Actually, I think I am just bad at explaining in general. Which is a terrible quality for a teacher to have, but I guess I have to learn to get better at that. I have this thing where once I learn something, it feels as if I have always known it, and it just clicks. So it is very hard to explain things that just make sense in my brain.

Now how can I apply what I learned?

-I can teach more and get more practice.

-I can work on improving my explaining skills by teaching things in their simplest form.


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