Reflection #7

Typically when I blog, I like to be honest and share what I am really thinking. And this week I was thinking about what teachers do when they get sick. Because I have been sick for the last three weeks and I have a killer headache right now and it sucks. But what do you do when you are a teacher? I feel bad enough skipping class as a student.

I guess you just roll with the punches. Life goes on.

And if you are my sister-in-law, you have the kids write little papers on where they think she went, and you get hilarious responses. (I wish I could remember them now.)

So for the sake of doing a complete “Capture”…

Observation: I was sick.

Analysis: What do teachers do when they are sick?

Act: I will do my best to stay caught up, while also taking time to rest and get better. Which is probably the same thing I would do if I were a teacher.


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