Reflection #4

Recently in our class we talked about Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. The idea is that people can be “smart” in different ways and that people have different talents and inclinations. Then we took a personality-type test to determine our own levels of intelligence within the different areas (You can take it here).

It was no surprise to me that I scored fairly high in the Intrapersonal category… That means I know myself pretty well. And that I like to think and reflect.

Which is kinda funny, because that is what I have been thinking about this past week. The fact that I like to think and reflect. (Thinking about thinking = metacognition)

Really what I was wondering is if that trait is innate or learned.

My theory is that it is innate.

Probably because I have kept a daily journal from the time I was 10 years old. (I don’t think I would have done that if it was not innate…)

However, I think learning yourself is a learned trait. I think I know myself better now because I have been reflecting about myself for a whole decade. (Wow.) And because I have had more life experiences, so I can evaluate how I act in a wider variety of situations and if I act consistently in similar situations.

Another thing I have been pondering: Someone in my class joked about how the weakness of someone who is high in intrapersonal intelligence is that they know what their weaknesses are. In other words, their weakness is that they know their weakness. Which is funny to think about, but it is kind of true.

I think because I know my weaknesses, I am less likely to make them into strengths because I am accepting of them. For example, I know that I am quiet and reserved, so I am less likely to change that even if I am in a situation where it would be better to be more animated and personable (like if I were say, teaching.) I am also less receptive to feedback because I am already self critical (especially when it comes to designing).

Now that I have observed and analyzed how I am very self-aware, what am I going to do?

-I will be more accepting of feedback. (I think I am getting better at this already.)

-I will continue to reflect and ponder because I know that it is beneficial for me. Even if other people think it’s weird.

-I will not listen to music as I write my reflections because it makes the process three times longer…


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