Today I’m 20!

Hooray! Today is my birthday! I will give you details on my day later. After all the partying is over 😉

This post is a really a follow up to my mom’s last blog post:

I got a sewing machine for my birthday so that I can hopefully continue this fun hobby that I have been developing since I was maybe ten. I honestly can’t pinpoint the first time I ever used a sewing machine. I remember making beanie babies with my mom when I was really young, but the first time I remember using a sewing machine independently was making little pencil pouches and purses with Stephanie when I was like nine or ten.

Obviously, my latest interest has been fashion. Here are all the skirts I have accumulated over the years that either my mom or I have made from scratch (with the exception of the tribal print one, which we hemmed):


These are the two dresses we lengthened:


And this is the dress where we added fabric behind the lace so it wouldn’t be see-through:


Being a petite Mormon, maybe my sewing hobby developed out of necessity, but it sure has been worth it!


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