Reflection #2


This week we all got to teach something to our class. Here is what I learned as a teacher, but also from watching others teach:

-It is hard to change your lesson plan after you have already decided what to do.

-Even if I am not mentally nervous, my body reacts like I am nervous, which then makes me mentally nervous.

-It is hard to change old habits and implement new ones.

-I am better at writing than speaking.

-Asking the right questions/checking for understanding is the hardest part of teaching for me.


-Things get easier with time and practice.

-It takes a little bit of time for me to get over my nervousness, but I think that nervous effect will go away with time and practice.


-I will take time to plan my lessons better so that I know exactly how to explain a certain topic.

-I will try to eliminate general questions like “Does everyone understand?” from my teaching. I will replace those questions with more content specific questions.


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