First Week of School

I know a lot of people were kinda freaking out about the first week of school, but mine was awesome.

Really it’s the classes that made it great.

In my first week of classes I…

-Made a Rube Goldberg machine (which involved lighting a candle)

-Made a bottle rocket (which will be launched next week)

-Made a potato battery

-“Cleaned up an oil spill”

-Went on a field trip to the BYU heating plant

-Took a lot of photos and did my first “couples” shoot just for fun

-Ate doughnuts

-Had a class with Steven

-Taught my class how to tie their shoes (and learned how to do a back flip, moonwalk, longboard, draw a moose, and much much more)

So there you go. A little glimpse into my college life. I think it would be fun to document all the cool things I get to do in my major, but I don’t know if I have time for that. We’ll see.

Hope your week of school was grand!


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