Father’s Day Gift Idea – World’s Greatest Pop

I’m not really one of those people who writes craft tutorials (because 99% of the things I make come from online tutorials), but here is an easy one I just finished and thought it was worth sharing.

DSCN3081 DSCN3080

Staying true to the mantra “Good artists steal, bad artists copy,” I got the “World’s Greatest Pop” icon from The Gunny Sack: http://www.thegunnysack.com/free-printables

But everything else was my own.  Here is the template I used:

WORLD’S GREATEST POP  (Just click on it and a Word doc should pop up.)

The two long strips are used to wrap around the box and the shorter strips wrap around the bottles.  For the bow tie, you cut out the strip, measure it around the neck of the bottle, tape it into a ring, and then tape the ring onto the cut out bow tie.

I used a 4 pack of Cheerwine soda for mine (you can get them at Walmart where I’m from), but I’m sure the template would fit any bottled 4 pack soda.  The strips that wrap around the bottles are long enough for the fatter IBC Root Beer bottles, but the longer strips would not be long enough to wrap around a 6 pack box (although you could adapt it to work).


So this is what my family is doing for Father’s Day 🙂  We are also going to put notes inside for why our dad is “The World’s Greatest Pop.”

Have fun prepping for Father’s Day!


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