Kleon Quote


That’s my word of advice for the day.  Brought to you by Austin Kleon.

Which reminds me…

So I got a Twitter the other day (Go follow me! @clichecreative), and I think it was that same day that my roommate @Cizzlesb (yes, we actually call her by her Twitter name) told me about the Boring Tweeter (@b0ringtweets).

All he does is post boring things and boring statements.  But I have never been so inspired in my life.  Who knew I could be so entertained by the mundane?  He is so boring that he is creative.  I love it.  It’s the simplest form of creativity.

Here are some of his tweets:

“I’m not one to boast but my next door neighbour’s work friend’s daughter’s old school friend’s cousin applied to be on Britain’s Got Talent.”

“I used to wear a watch until I got a mobile phone.  Now if I need to know the time, I look at my phone.”

“I’ve just blinked.”

“Goodnight.  I’ve just turned the light off.” (and then there’s a picture that’s just black.)

Be boring.  Be inspired.


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